"The wise man doesn't give the right answers, he poses the right questions." 

-- Claude Levi Strauss

Your Questions Answered

Service-Related Questions

A: "Risk is a very personal decision but there are some general rules of thumb for how much risk someone can take, factoring in their financial position and personal stomach for risk.  Having an investment strategy that you are comfortable with is what's most important." -- Brett D.

Q. How should I think about risk?

Q. When can I take a break?

A: "When would you like to take a break from work and for how long?  Do you need some kind of income replenishment while on break?  These are some othere questions we'll ask before providing you with guidance and a financial plan for taking a break from work."

-- Brett D.

Q. Can I afford to start my own company?

A: "Let's take a look at the entire financial picture. If you can't afford it now, we'll come up with a plan for when you'll be able to start your own company. It's a matter of planning and we'll help you do just that." -- Brett D.

Q. When can I retire?

A: "The real question here is 'when do you want to retire?' Once you know when and how you'd like to spend your retirement, you'll be better equipped to know when you can retire."

-- Rahul S.

Q. What kind of strategy do you use to minimize risk and maximize return?

A: "We customize an investment strategy based on our client's comfort level.  This strategy is dependent on a number of factors, but we look at the entire picture and work with our client to come up with the right investment for him/her."

-- Rahul S.

"How we work" Questions

Q: How are you compensated for your services?

A: "We are a fee only company.  We earn only what the client has agreed to pay.  That's it.  We do not make any money selling you products." -- Rahul S.

Q: How accessible is the Peninsula Wealth team?

A: "Our team is your team, so feel free to reach out to any one of us." -- Kristina V.

Q: What is the typical minimum investment for your clients?

A: "Our typical client's liquid net worth is over $1 million" -- Rahul S.

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